our commitments to the environment

All of our decisions are made with the aim of minimizing our impact on the planet. We are having the motto "refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and compost" always in mind.

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Café, bar, organic breakfast.

In spring 2018, the hotel opened an organic cafe / bar. This is the latest adventure in a long series of efforts in favor of an increasingly ecological offer, in continuity with our organic breakfast already offered since 2010, and our global approach to respect for the environment in our hotels since we took over the Templiers in 2003.

We offer food and drink that are organically grown and all leftovers are composted.

Renovation and recycling

We sort our waste, but above all we reuse the maximum of what exists each time we do a renovation or work. It is for this reason that you will find sinks that are not up to date, just like the toilets, recycled headboards and re-looked doors, original cupboard doors and antique furniture in the living and the breakfast room. When possible, we re-use as many items as possible that we already have in the hotel instead of giving in to the temptation to buy new ones (the dishes are not always matched, nor are the glasses and cups).


Energy consumption

In the background, there is the insulation of the walls and the roof. The hot water produced with a heat pump which saves 70% of electricity compared to a standard tank. Furthermore we us ecological maintenance products which are the least harmful to the waste water and our team.

You won't find samples in the bathrooms, and you can help us save the planet a little more by trying not to change your towels every day.

Esprit parc national

In line with our approach to have an increasingly ecological hotel, we are proud to have obtained the Esprit Parc brand.

“Guided by the values ​​they have been carrying for more than 50 years - commitment, authenticity, respect, sharing, vitality, Esprit parc national showcases products and services imagined and created by men and women. women who are committed to the preservation and promotion of these exceptional territories. A collective brand, Esprit parc national is intended for economic players in the territories who are mobilizing around the same strategy and the same ambition to promote their products and / or services. Committed to respecting the environment and protecting territories, carrying a message of solidarity as it favors the local economy, it is for consumers a sign of confidence and belonging."

The charter is available at reception.