Lourdes sanctuary


Lourdes sanctuary

lourdes sanctuaire

A place of visitations

Holy waters, a sanctuary and a castle ... all you need!

Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or… a none believer ! Lourdes is still an extraordinary place to visit. Made a place of pilgrimage after a series of apparitions of the Virgin Mary in 1858, Lourdes has since grown into a tourist spot visited and inhabited by people from all over. Whether you want to go there to visit the Sanctuary and get your fix of holy water, see or participate in religious ceremonies, or just eat Sri Lankan, African, Tibetan, Polish (or French!) Food, a visit to Lourdes well worth the stop!




• By car from Luz : go down the gorges and simply follow all the directions for Lourdes (~half an hour drive)


• By bus from Luz : ask the tourism office for timetables