The Gavarnie Cirque



"It is a mountain and a wall at the same time; it is the most mysterious building of the most mysterious of architects; it is the Colosseum of nature; it is Gavarnie." - Victor Hugo


Feel the greatness of Nature

While you are in the Pays Toy, be sure not to miss Gavarnie, this natural circus bordering Mont-Perdu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Gavarnie is proud to host on its wall the largest waterfall in mainland France, which is also one of the most important waterfalls in Europe. A family walk can take you either to the Hôtel du Cirque, a café that offers a splendid view of the circus and its waterfall, or, if you are more motivated, to the very foot of the waterfall ... !

If you come in summer, do not forget to check the dates of the Festival de Gavarnie which, every evening over a period of two weeks, offers you a memorable show a twenty minute walk from the village with the circus in the background.

In winter, and especially in 2021, find snow-covered landscapes of fairy tales by following the snowshoe trails offered by the village.



• By car from Luz tp Gavarnie ~half hour
• By bus see  the timetable here


Once there :

• Walking departure from Gavarnie village

Paid parking
• Car : 5€ for 24h
• Camping-cars : 8€ for 24h
Accessible all year round

gavarnie acces